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Bottle 892 - Revenue Cutter
Date Added: 31 January 2011

In the years after the creation of the United States, the fledgling republic was facing serious financial troubles. Widespread smuggling to avoid payment of import taxes was used to great effect against Great Britain during the war for American independence. The same practice, pursued after the war was over, kept badly needed funds (revenues) out of the U.S. The loss of potential revenue was serious enough that in 1790, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton convinced Congress to authorize the construction of 10 small topsail schooners, or "revenue cutters". These vessels were to cruise the waters of the East Coast and ensure that inbound cargoes were not offloaded in locations other than approved Ports of Entry, ensuring that import tariffs were collected. The organization's original name was the United States Revenue-Marine. This model, built in a Haig & Haig dimple bottle by Clay Rakes, is a detailed Revenue Cutter from that era. It has two masts and five sails. An American flag flies from atop a mast.
Type: Topsail Schooner   Maker's Name: Rakes, Clay
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 7" x 4"   Year Made: 2010
Bottle Type: Haig & Haig Dimple  

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