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Bottle 886 - Haitian Tribute
Date Added: 26 January 2011

Chris Wood has spent over 2 1/2 months in the Port-au-Prince area performing humanitarian and mission work. Additionally, he is in the process of adopting two children from one of the countless orphanages. While there, he decided to make a picture frame in a bottle from the endless trash discarded on the streets to present to the director of the orphanage. The bottle is just one among hundreds consumed and discarded nightly. A filthy piece of flat wood for the frame was lying on the street, but a few scrapings from his knife removed most of the dirt. The nail crossbar was in a discarded broom handle. The stopper was made from the stretcher of an ancient looking traditional small chair that had been thrown away due to breakage. He even used bent wire tools constructed from pieces of discarded wire to put it together in the bottle. He hopes this to be the first of many pieces designed to show that there is beauty hidden beneath the trash and to encourage Haiti to go green. The frame is built in a 6" discarded Bhakara Rhum bottle and with the stopper is about 7 1/4" tall. It was finished on Jan 15, 2011. On the stopper above the frame in the back, he put "MADE IN HAITI". On the back it reads in English and then in Haitian Creole, "Photo- Lesly Tilus Orphanage Director Home of Jesus' Children Built through the neck of this bottle by Chris Wood 2011 We love you! This could be the first bottle whimsey ever built in Haiti. If anyone knows of others please let us know.
Type: Picture Frame Bottle   Maker's Name: Wood, Chris
Category: Furniture   Made Where: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Bottle Size: 7 1/4" with stopper   Year Made: 2011, January 15
Bottle Type: Bhakara Rhum Bottle