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Bottle 885 - Hagar the Horrible
Date Added: 26 January 2011

This wonderful Viking ship, inspired by the well-known comic strip "Hagar the Horrible," was a project started by artist, Terry Butler in 2009. At that time, she finished some ships but not the figures. Now, Terry has completed this ship which is one of 5 she has under construction. This ship is one of two larger ones she is building along with 3 more being built in a considerably smaller size. The ship and figures are mostly made of fimo or cernit clay and baked in the oven. The figures were painted over the clay. The deck and masts are wood and the sail paper. Currently, she is working on 5 of these Viking ships in 3 different sizes. This ship measures 3.5 inches long and 2.75 inches high. The bottle is 7" long counting the cork.
Type: Viking Ship from Comic Strip   Maker's Name: Butler, Terry
Category: Figures   Made Where: Eastern Tennessee
Bottle Size: 7"   Year Made: 2011
Bottle Type: Unknown