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Bottle 866 - Cross and Religious Symbols
Date Added: 05 October 2013

This bottle contains a cross and other religious symbols built in an Australian bottle. The cross and many other wooden pieces inside are wrapped in colorful threads. The cross and crosspiece are wrapped in thread except for the bottom which has the letters "AB" written in pencil on the bottom front. On each side also in pencil is "A Bourke" On the front and back of the base are crude but decorative pencil markings. Several other pieces are wrapped in colorful threads. There is a tall ladder wit five rungs leaning against the cross. The bottle also contains several other religious symbols. There is a boomerang in the bottom of the bottle. It is sealed with a cork. The bottle was made by Australian Glass Manufactures likely between 1922 and 1929. It is pale green in color with Imperial Quart" embossed on the top face. The top is machined applied and there is a circle on the base. Bourke, New South Wales, Australia was established in 1861. It is located roughly 770km from Sydney, 930km from Brisbane, 1000km from Melbourne and 1125km from Adelaide. There is an Aboriginal site at Brewarrina which means 'good fishing'. At these fisheries were traps used by the Ngemba Aboriginal people to catch fish.
Type: Decorative Religious Depiction   Maker's Name: Bourkel, A
Category: Religious   Made Where: Bouke, New South Wales, Australia
Bottle Size: 11" x 4 1/5"   Year Made: 1922 - 1929
Bottle Type: Imperial Quart