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Bottle 841 - Bungalow
Date Added: 18 August 2010

This is a wonderfully built model of a bungalow with a white picket fence. The bungalow is really two structures with highly detailed features such as wood siding and roof. There is a large front porch with wood railings and porch swing. There are many windows with shades and shutters. A white picket fence goes around the structures. The bottle is sealed with a turned wooden stopper. The bottle rests on a custom stand. The work is signed PUKY, a name used by the artist Ramon Albero.
Type: Bungalow with Fence   Maker's Name: Gonzalez, Ramon Arbelo
Category: Structure   Made Where: Cuba
Bottle Size: 12"   Year Made: 2006
Bottle Type: Havana Club Rum  

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Ramon Arbelo Gonzalez, Artist

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