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Bottle 833 - Harbor Scene
Date Added: 07 August 2011

This is an extraordinary scene of a 4 mast ship at anchor in a harbor of a large city. The hull of the ship is red on the bottom and white on top. There are four masts with wonderful detailed standing and running rigging. A large lifeboat is hanging from davits in the stern of the ship. On the stern rigging is the flag of Germany flying. Along side is a small tug with the letters "RO" on the bow. Nearby, on an small rocky area just outside the shoreline is a large round tower with a square top that is detailed with numerous black windows. There is a large glass dome on the top. Below the dome are the black, white, and red strips of the German flag. The city is amazing with no less than 32 large and small building mostly white with detailed windows and door, and terra cotta colored roofs. There is a large castle wall with six long barreled guns trained on the harbor. There is a long and tall stone wall painted white at the shoreline and in front of it is a somewhat crude carving of a black train with several cars and gray smoke billowing from the steam engine. The is another large tower on the opposite side with a red top. The city has varied buildings, all highly detailed with windows, doors, and unique shapes. In the middle is a large building with "Continental Hotel" written across the arched roof. In front of that is a large obelisk with 1870 written on the base. In the neck of the light bulb is a very large white building with a white roof, black windows and large green pillars or columns. The bulb is sealed with a cork.
Type: Diorama in a Light Bulb   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 10" x 5"   Year Made:
Bottle Type: Light Bulb