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Bottle 790 - Gorch Fock 1933
Date Added: 06 January 2013

This is a nicely detailed scene of the 1933 Gorch Fock I anchored outside a town. The Gorch Fock I was a German three-mast Barque, the first of a series built as school ships for the German Reichsmarine in 1933. This ship rests on a sea of green with white caps. The ships' hull is painted white with red on the bottom. The ship has three masts and has white tips on the top of the masts and on the ends of the yard arms. The rigging is very well done with both the standing and running rigging. Many small red and white beads are used for rigging blocks and tackle. Near the Gorch Fock is a small tug with a single mast. It is pained in the same colors of the Gorch Fock. The town has a long, low stone wall the length of the bottle. There are 5 buildings as well as a church, and town hall type building and a small tower. There are seven trees scattered among the buildings. An odd and interesting attraction is the presence of an extremely large white swan on a tiny pad of water. The swan is larger that the buildings and makes an interesting focal point. Under the sea is a wooden plinth with the following words written in pencil: "H. Zoellkau. G? Unenderr 2 33." The bottle an old two-mold type with air bubbles. It is sealed with a cork and sits on a wooden stand.
Type: Three-mast Barque   Maker's Name: Zoellkau, H.
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Germany
Bottle Size: 11 3/4" x 3"   Year Made: 1933, February
Bottle Type: Unidentifeid two-mold