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Bottle 769 - USS Kittyhawk
Date Added: 31 October 2009

This is a hand built replica of the USS Kittyhawk (CV63) and is inserted in an industrial light bulb. The model is approximately 5 inches long and has many features some of which are hard to see in the pictures. These features include various missile and gun mounts, three radar antennas, landing light (meatball), anchors, and wind vane. The ship also has a hollowed out hangar bay which contains two aircraft and a tow tractor. There is a switch mounted at the bottom of a wooden stand which lights up the hangar bay. The ship is plowing through a rough sea made of clay.
Type: Aircraft Carrier   Maker's Name: Bennett, Robert
Category: Military   Made Where: Carrollton, KY
Bottle Size: 8" x 3 1/2"   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: Industrial light bulb  

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