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Bottle 766 - Z scale Pizza Train
Date Added: 29 October 2009

From the Artist: "This is a Z scale fantasy pizza train layout built inside a bottle! These are also known as pizza layouts in which tiny trains, (usually in N scale and even smaller Z scale) are built on very very small oval tracks... some even smaller than a CD disc! It is fully operational running on very small curved track and is good for displaying and running small trains. It is inside a round upright bottle that must be placed on a stand. The Layout includes a small village with a lighthouse perched high on a hill top and even some palm trees!. Note that in the scene is a building that apparently looks like its on fire! The burning building conceals the power connection that must slowly rise out of the bottle. The layout also includes 2 parked 1900 era Ford pickup trucks and an old fire truck. The layout hooks up to a transformer that runs the locomotives and cars on the track. The bottle 's neck is still large enough so to allow one to reach inside and place an engine and cars on track. The layout is still left open to further development and could still be further modified. You will find that all your models will be quite well protected from dust as long as the cork is in place! The bottle neck allows access to clean the inside glass if necessary. The bottle sits on a metal stand and is quite large…16x16 inches -slightly larger than a basket ball. The railroad modeler will need to be able to access the layout so it is best to use a bottle that may allow the builder to put his or her hands inside! The builder must be able to place and remove locomotives and cars on the track layout. The real challenge which does involve ship in bottling skills is the construction of houses,bridges, structures, mountain scenery, wiring electronics and lights...It can go on! Of course all model railroader models seem to suffer from a relentless rain of dust that could eventually cause working trains to gum up and stop and make the layout very ugly! I really wanted to shield my models and even store my prized engines and cars. Rest assure the bottle will only need a quick wipe! .... I am still searching for more huge bottles that could accommodate further railroad building." Victor Leong, Artist
Type: Z scale pizza train layout   Maker's Name: Leong, Victor
Category: Vehicle   Made Where: Miami. FL
Bottle Size: 16" x 16"   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: Unknown  

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