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Bottle 743 - Carl Stillwachs Landsberg
Date Added: 09 March 2011

This is a superb model of a man built in a bottle. The man appears to be a draftsman or architect and he is standing at a table with draftsmen tools and paper. The man is dressed in a black, late 1800's period cloth coat. He wears a cloth white shirt with a collar and black bow tie. His white shirt cuffs extend from the sleeves of the coat. He is in a salt and pepper colored pair of long pants made of cloth and has black shoes. The man is wonderfully carved in wood and has amazing facial features including a handlebar moustache and long beard. His hair is detailed and black with his facial hairs. His intense eyes, his ears , and other facial features a very finely carved. His hands are wonderfully carved and in his right hand is a pencil. A silver compass is in his left hand. The table is a four legged table and it has a black table cloth. A square, pencil box with another pencil and a pad of drafting paper is on the table. The floor is planked with 1/2 inch boards going in two different directions. The bottle has a wooden shaft with a small wooden crosspiece preventing the stopper from being removed from the bottle. Outside the bottle, the richly walnut stained stopper has the following carved words around the side: "Carl Stillwachs." This is likely either the name of the person carved in the bottle or the name of the artist who made this magnificent bottle. It could even be possible that the man in the bottle and the artist is Carl Stillwachs. On the top of the stopper is "1875" the date the bottle was made, and the word "Landsberg." The bottom of the bottle is smooth and does not have any markings. Some air bubbles are present. A previous owner reported that the bottle come from Munich, but it is not known if it originated in that city. An internet search did find a Carl Stillwachs born of October 21, 1840. He father was Christian Stillwachs and his mother was Mariana Kamiszek. He was christened October 23, 1840 in Kempen, Posen, Preussen. It is not know if this is the Carl Stillwachs portrayed in this bottle but the dates appear to make this feasible that this is the same person.
Type: Man Standing at Table   Maker's Name:
Category: Figures   Made Where: Germany
Bottle Size: 6 1/2" x 3"   Year Made: 1875
Bottle Type: Unidentified