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Bottle 738 - Germania 1
Date Added: 23 July 2009

"The stories behind the yacht GERMANIA 1- the boat and my oldest daughter. In the past she was living for a couple of years in Hamburg. Many times in these days she was having a walk on the banks of the river ELBE, watching the lot of sailing boats. When my daughter was here in Munich for a visit she told me about a situation while one of these early-evening walks. The museumship ELBE 3, a former light vessel, was on anchor-position passed by the yacht GERMANIA 1. This situation I tried to put in in a bottle. So far so good. The thing is that it was the walk when she got her first kiss from her boyfriend. And it is the same young man she is still living with ; now in these days she is a student since two years. The boat and the bottle. The boat GERMANIA 1 is one the first I tried to use these very thin threads as a test before working with original hair for all the shrouds, stays and sheets. As you can see on the other pics, the hull is as big as a 10-Eurocent coin. The bottle is the most interesting thing of the whole work. The glass of it is made milky from outwards. But when you put a self-glued clear label or tape on the surface you can see through into the bottle. So the optical effect of this bottle is like looking through a bullseye of a ship watching the passing sailing boat. Because I always get my bottles from the recycling container I often find such specials so create any kind of special-effects. Another example is this model of the exploring ship GRÖNLAND." Marcus Schormann
Type: Yacht   Maker's Name: Schormann, Marcus
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Olching, Germany
Bottle Size: Unknown   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: Unknown  

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