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Bottle 717 - Karin
Date Added: 03 October 2010

This is a ship named "Karin" sailing on a sea of blue near a large landmass. The ship has 3 mast with 17 sails shown. The is no rigging and the sails are cut from a single piece of material for each mast. The hull is painted white with red ports painted along the side of the hull. "Karin" is painted in red on the bow. Perhaps this is the name of the person the ship was made for, or someone significant in the live of the builder of this model. The land is built much higher than the sea level. On the land is a large windmill, 7 houses with red roofs, and a church. There is also a large red and white lighthouse. There is a road that goes through the village and over a stream. Wooden railing is built on both sides of the road where it crosses the stream. There are several trees placed along the various structures on the land.
Type: Ship near land   Maker's Name:
Category: Light Bulb   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 10" x 5"   Year Made: 1940 - 1950
Bottle Type: Light Bulb