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Bottle 694 - Theodore Tugboat
Date Added: 21 February 2009

From the artist, Terry Butler. "Here are a some of the last tinier tugboats I recently put into microwave light bulbs. The smooth capped ones I used the bases from automotive tail light bulbs which had the same size bases. I liked that effect. Those bulbs weren't large enough though so just mixed the two bulb parts. It take TWO light bulbs to make these - the glass from one and the intact base from another. I sent one photo showing where I cut through the bases with a diamond coated Dremel cut off wheel. The stands were made from different things. First one I used a cheap ring I found at a garage sale years ago. One I used scrap jewelry bits and a button, and others I used a variety of hardware store washers stacked with the top with the top one being a finish washer that matched the curve of the bulb. The only thing I noticed was the base had to have enough weight to it to keep the bulb from tipping sideways. Epoxy was used to put the bulb parts together once the tugboat was inside the bulb. My tugboats are DONE now and encased in glass. On to other projects."
Type: Antimated Tugboat   Maker's Name: Butler, Terry
Category: Liners   Made Where: Eastern Tennessee
Bottle Size: 30 Watt Light Bulb   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: Microwave Light Bulb