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Bottle 686 - From Daddy To Patty
Date Added: 28 December 2011

This is a very well made chair built in a bottle. The chair has wonderful proportions and is snuggly fitted to the sides of the bottle. There are 2 stretchers between each leg and the upright back has three flat slats between the posts. On the front of the top slat is written "From Daddy." The middle slat says: R.W. McGrath" (the bottle maker), and the bottom slat says "U.S.N." (United States Navy). On the one back upright is written "Adak" and the other post has "Alaska." This identifies the location where R.W. McGrath was stationed at the time he made the bottle. Adak Army installations allowed U.S. forces to mount a successful offensive against the Japanese-held islands of Kiska and Attu. After the war, Adak was developed as a naval air station, playing an important role during the Cold War as a submarine surveillance center. On the back of the top slat it says "To Patty" and the middle slat says "Aug. 1944" the year the bottle was made. The seat of the chair is woven green and tan or off white thread, perhaps embroidery thread. The weave is very well done and overall the chair is one of the finest made chair in a bottle found. The bottle is square shaped and has "16 oz. 42, a circle A, and USA raised on the bottom of the bottle. The bottle is sealed with a blue Bakelite cap.
Type: World War II Gift Chair   Maker's Name:
Category: Furniture   Made Where: Adak, Alaska
Bottle Size: 7" x 2 3/4"   Year Made: 1944, AugustMcGrath, R. W.
Bottle Type: USA raised letters on bottom