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Bottle 638 - Bayern (Bavaria)
Date Added: 26 January 2009

This is a very detailed and well made diorama of a German World War II Destroyer, (identified by the original seller of the bottle as the Destroyer Bavaria of the Federal Navy) sailing past a very large land mass. The destroyer is extremely detailed with multiple deck, each with accurate features. The ship has large cannons on the bow and stern. There are multiple other guns on the ship along with antiaircraft guns. The ship has a "78" painted on the bow and a German flag flying from the stern. The land is very massive, extending from the neck opening to the bottom of the bottle, with mountains, cliffs, and several hills and layers of color and vegetation. There are two large buildings painted white with red roofs. The is also a very narrow and tall building in the background. The background inside the bottle is painted dark blue with hints of clouds in the sky. The bottle is sealed with a an old cork.
Type: Destroyer   Maker's Name:
Category: Military   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 19 1/4" x 4 1/4"   Year Made: 1940-1950
Bottle Type: Asbach