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Bottle 624 - Iraqi Most Wanted
Date Added: 19 June 2008

IRAQI MOST WANTED are Bicycle brand, playing cards made in the USA. The United States Playing Card Company Presents this Commerative Reproduction of the Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Card Deck First Issued by the Defense Intelligence Agency and US Central Command in Iraq in April 2003. This faithful reproduction of the original deck includes all 52 wanted Iraqi personalities plus two jokers featuring the famous HOYLE JOKER and is sutiable for all card games. The card back design is the camouflage pattern shown on the box. These cards attracted worldwide attention when they were sent to the troops in Iraq to help them familiarize themselves with Iraq's 52 'most wanted'. For playing cards - box is inserted first - flattened and rolled. Bottom flaps are folded up INSIDE the box before rolling. Once inside, use chopsticks or other tools to open and reform the box. Then cards are rolled and inserted one card at a time using chopsticks to straighten out cards once inside the box. It gets harder as the box gets fuller.
Type: Operation Desert Shield Cards   Maker's Name: Butler, Terry
Category: Whimsey   Made Where: Eastern Tennessee
Bottle Size: Unknown   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: Unknown