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Bottle 585 - WW 2 Hospital Ship
Date Added: 15 August 2008

This is WW2 Hospital Ship sailing on a slightly choppy sea of deep blue. It is built much like a model of a passenger liner and may well be that type of ship converted into a hospital ship during World War II. The ship's name is painted on the bow but cannot be read. The ship is white with a red bottom of the hull. There are numerous port windows along the top side of the hull from mid-ship to the stern area. The ship has natural colored decks with planking drawn on the decks. There are three large red crosses painted on the hull and two on the deck houses on the ship. There are three large smokestacks painted white with a red cross on each stack. The ship has two masts with a small unidentifiable flag on top of each mast. The rigging is nicely detailed and in good scale to the ship and mast. The bottle is painted deep blue on the inside back and the bottle is sealed with a metal screw cap. On the bottom of the bottle is a label with the following inscribed: "Given by HR MacPherson in GL 7th? (not sure about that bit) as a souvenir, 1948'. The bottle measures 18.5 cm long (7.25") and is 4.5 cm wide (1.75").
Type: WW 2 Hospital Ship   Maker's Name: MacPherson, HR
Category: Freighter   Made Where: United Kingdom
Bottle Size: 7 1/4" x 1 3/4"   Year Made: 1948
Bottle Type: Unidentified