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Bottle 571 - Wood Sideboard
Date Added: 16 June 2011

This is a wooden sideboard built inside a vintage milk bottle. The sideboard is painted gold and is made in multiple sections to fit inside the bottle. It completes fills the bottle side to side and top to bottom. It has four drawers that have diagonal grooves cut across the face of the drawer and a large metal know in the center. Two drawers are on top and two set below the top drawers. It stands on square legs about 3/4" above the floor. Each side has a raised panel with the diagonal, horizontal and vertical grooves cut to form 4 sections. On top of the sideboard is a wooden vase with a large pink flower coming out of the vase. On the back of the main sideboard is a raised panel with a full mirror set in the back. There is a raised platform above that supported by two carved posts in front. There is a backboard for the raised top. On the platform is another vase with the same type of flower. Pink ribbons are tied to the column supports. On the back of the sideboard and carved in the wood is the following date: "July 20, 1917." The bottle is sealed with a cork. This is one of at least eight sideboards made by Jacob Arner.
Type: Wood Sideboard   Maker's Name: Arner, Jacob
Category: Furniture   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 9 1/2" x 3 1/4"   Year Made: 1917, July 20
Bottle Type: Milk Bottle  

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