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Bottle 553 - Joshua Slocum's Spray
Date Added: 07 May 2007

This is a model of Joshua Slocum's Spray. It is built in a 1:360 scale and is rigged as a Yawl with fore and aft rigging with a large mainmast forward. It carries a mainmast and jibs and a much small mizzenmast abaft the rudder post. The Spray (of Boston) was the name of the vessel re-built and subsequently used by Joshua Slocum in his successful attempt to circumnavigate the world single-handed. The Spray is a rebuilt 36′ 9″ (11.2 metre) sloop-rigged fishing boat named Spray (Later re-rigged as a yawl after problems he encountered in the Strait of Magellan). It was lost with Captain Slocum aboard in 1909. whilst sailing for the Orinoco River and is thought to have been struck by a steamship. Although there is no evidence that the vessel was even in that particular area of the ocean when it disappeared, it has often been linked to the many disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. The Spray is noted as one of the most seaworthy vessels of her day.
Type: Yawl   Maker's Name: Hand, Charles
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Canton, N.C.
Bottle Size: 12 Oz.   Year Made: 1987, July 11
Bottle Type: Unidentified Green Tint