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Bottle 545 - Kingston Chrysolite
Date Added: 17 April 2007

This is a model of the trawler "Kingston Crysolite FY184," built in a 2 liter gin bottle. The original ship was built in Beverly in 1935 and converted to an anti-submarine trawler in 1940. The home town of the artist, Alan Rogers, in the New Forest raised £62900 during warship week to pay for the conversion, and this model of the ship now resides in the small town Museum. It is to a scale of 1:214. This model is to exact detail of the original and has all the proper rigging, both standing and running with shrouds and ratlines. The ship has a large smokestack with 2 funnels in front. There is railing on various parts of the deck along with ladders, rubber raft, life saver, and so much more. The colors are in the appropriate ship gray with natural colored deck planking. There are two guns, including a "four-inch" gun on the foredeck, scaled and made from 16 separate pieces. The bottle is sealed with a cork with a emblem on the end. There is a Turk's Head knot tied on the neck of the bottle.
Type: Steamer Trawler   Maker's Name: Rogers, Alan
Category: Freighter   Made Where: New Forest, UK
Bottle Size: 2 litre   Year Made: 2004
Bottle Type: Gin Bottle  

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