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Bottle 540 - Tall Ships
Date Added: 20 December 2007

This is a wonderful diorama of a sailing regatta outside Laboe. The Laboe Naval Memorial is a memorial in Laboe in vicinity of Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Completed in 1936, the monument originally memorialized the World War I war dead of the Imperial German Navy. Since the end of World War II, however, it commemorates sailors of all nationalities who died during the World Wars. The monument consists of an 85 metre high tower resembling either the stem of a Viking ship or the conning tower of a submarine, a hall of remembrance, and an observation deck. This 3-Liter bottle contains 3 beautiful sailing ships, 2 under full sails, on greenish-blue water with whitecaps outside an interesting coast. The ships are the Funfmaster "PREUSSEN," a Brigantine from the 1900's, and the "Constitution" from the 18th century. The land has 14 houses, a windmill, and the naval monument of Laboe! There is a large lighthouse with two levels of railing. There is also a waterfall depicted with two sea shells. At the top of the falls is a colorful bird. Another bird is perched atop the mast of the Preussen. In the center of the bottle and the town is a large cross with Jesus. Under the bottle are three labels with the names of the three ships. There is another label with the name and address of the builder of this diorama. The label reads: "1979 Hans Maier, Badgasse 21, 8711 Mainbernheim." The bottle is sealed with a cork and red sealing wax joining the rope around the bottle's neck. The bottle rests on a wooden stand.
Type: 3 Ships Near Land   Maker's Name: Maier, Hans
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Mainbernheim, Germany
Bottle Size: 19" x 4 1/2"   Year Made: 1979
Bottle Type: 3 liter Asbach