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Bottle 519 - Home on Wheels
Date Added: 01 March 2007

This is a fantastic model of a Comstock wagon being pulled by two horses built inside a 1000 watt light bulb. The wagon is very nicely detailed with red spooked wheels and a red chassis and green wagon bed. There is a wooden water barrel with black rungs suspended form one side of the wagon. The wagon is covered in the prairie schooner styled covered canvas which in this case is made from cloth. Inside the wagon is a red seat with two figures inside. Both are made from cloth and one is in a blue shirt and the other in a black and white checked shirt. The one in blue is holding the reigns to the horses. The horses are painted brown and are nicely carved with horse collars and black thread rigging and harness. A Red wagon fork goes between the two horses. The wagon is rolling on a prairie of green made from wooden slats painted in a green color. The floor is made from 5 slats. There are two trees and 9 sage brushes placed on the wooden slats. There is an arch that goes from one side of the wooden floor across the top of the glass to the other side. The curved sides are painted brown and the curved top is painted red. On one side of the red arch is the phrase; "Two Miles To A Bucket Of Oats," and on the other side: "Western Homes On Wheels." The whole scene is suspended near the lower part of the light bulb and approximately one inch lower is another circular floor with labels that state: " Made by R. E. Searight, 315 Norton St., Long Beach 5., California" on one side and "Size of Globe - 1000 Watt, Date - 3 - 17 - 1958, Ph - GA - 2 - 8205" The floor is supported by a round wooden column the size of the bulb opening. On the front side is a picture of Robert E. Searight with a label underneath that has "R. E. Searight, 315 Norton Street, Long Beach 5, California." On the opposite side is a prayer: "For any bright vacation day, For things to do, and friends at play; For grass and trees and lakes so blue, For fields of gray, and mountains too; We thank thee, heavenly Father." The bulb is mounted in a square wooden box in natural wood. Under this box is handwritten: "Date-3-17-1958, Made by R. E. Searight, 315 Norton Street, Long Beach 5, California, Phone GA-2-8205."
Type: Comstock Trail Wagon   Maker's Name: Searight, Robert
Category: Light Bulb   Made Where: Long Beach 5, California
Bottle Size: 12" x 6 1/2"   Year Made: 1958, March 17
Bottle Type: 1000 Watt Light Bulb