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Bottle 508 - James
Date Added: 30 July 2007

This is a wonderful model of the brigantine "James" sailing on a sea of green. This highly detailed model was made by master builder, George W. Fulfit, in 1983. The ship has two masts with square rigging on the main mast and fore-and-aft rigging on the mizzen mast. The ship has 12 sails and the rigging is very detailed with both standing and running rigging and a wonderfully carved block and tackle. Each mast has shroud and ratlines. There is a red and white life saver hanging from the shrouds of the main mast and also one on the mizzen mast. A Canadian flag hands from the flagpole of the main mast. The hull is black with a thin white stripe near the top. There is a hawsepipe in the bow section with a gold chain attached to a ship's anchor on deck. The name "James" is painted on the bow. The bowsprit is in two sections and has a dolphin striker. The deck has a main cabin with a ports represented. There is a galley stack with gray smoke made from cotton. The deck has many deck features including two large coils of rope, one in the bow area and one in the stern section. The very interesting and folksy feature of the ship are the eight sailors carved from wood and painted in blue uniforms placed around various areas of the ship. There are two sailors climbing up the ratlines, one on each mast. A ship's mate is in the bow section of the ship and three men mid-ship on the starboard side. Two additional sailors are in the stern area, one raising or perhaps lowering an American flag. There are two large wood carved sea gulls flying high above the ship. Both seagulls are wonderfully carved and painted. The gull in the front has a fish in its beak. The bottle is sealed with a cork and around the cork is a label with the following wording: “Brigantine" (written in pen) and "George W. Fulfit Toronto, Ontario, Canada" (typed), and "1983" written in pen.
Type: Brigantine   Maker's Name: Fulfit, George
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bottle Size: 9 1/4" x 5 1/2"   Year Made: 1983
Bottle Type: "Made in Canada" one gallon  

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