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Bottle 493 - Bird In Tree
Date Added: 27 November 2006

This is a folk art whimsey made by Amos L. Beiler. The whimsey was built inside an Avon collector bottle. All of the pieces used in the whimsey were cut from thin pieces of various colored and painted wood. This is a wood scene showing a large bird in the middle of a what looks like a dogwood tree. The scene sits on a long wood slat approximately 1/4" x 1/2" glued to the bottom of the bottle. A long single dowel rises from the center of the slat to the neck of the bottle. On this dowel are numerous large flowers resembling dogwood blossoms along the length of the dowel. Behind some of the blossoms are leaves with veins drawn on in black. In the middle of the dowel "tree" is a large bird with a light colored body and dark wings. The bird's tail feathers are cut into thin sections and then spread to fan out and interlock to make the shape of the bird's tail. There are two leaves in the bottom of the bottle in front of the base. In the center of these leaves is a single flower blossom. The artist, Amos L. Beiler, was a Mennonite folk artist of Narvon, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was born in 1888 and died in 1984.
Type: Wooden Whimsey   Maker's Name: Beiler, Amos
Category: Whimsey   Made Where: Narvon, Pennsylvania
Bottle Size: 9' x 2 1/2"   Year Made: 1970's
Bottle Type: Avon Collectors