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Bottle 477 - POW Gravenhurst Battleship
Date Added: 05 June 2007

This is an amazingly detailed war diorama. In the scene is a truly impressive ship model in a bottle, circa 1940's, depicting an American military vessel, presumably a battleship, being flanked by two escort ships. This is an extremely well-made ship about 6 1/2" long and sails on a choppy sea of deep blue/green near to land masses. The ship's hull and deck sides are painted white. There are several port holes along the side of the hull. On the bow are two anchors and what looks to be an area that had the name of the ship but it is too faded to read anymore. The decks are in natural wood color to show planking. The rear deck area is below the main deck and on this lower area is a cabin and other deck features. The main deck has three main cannons with three guns each. The ship has two main smokestacks, painted white with gold accents. White smoke made from cotton rises from each stack. On an upper deck and between the stacks is mounted a biplane. The ship flies an American flag, long banner or pennant, as well as the British ensign, all pretty well faded from age. There are two escort ships about 2" long along side the battleship. One is positioned at the bow and the other ship in on the opposite side of the battleship along the stern. They are painted and accented like the battleship with numerous details and deck features. Behind the ship are two separate land masses, perhaps islands that show great details and colors in the land and the mountains. There are two buildings on the land to the front of the bottle and three buildings on the other island that are painted white with red roofs. There is a hand-painted background depicting a dark blue sky with clouds. On this background are applied paper airplanes, one of which appears to be an Air Cobra and the other a P-47 Thunderbolt. The bottle is coffin-shaped and unidentified. It is sealed with a black metal cap. This bottle was made by an unidentified POW who was held in a POW camp in Gravenhurst, Ontario. This person also made bottle ID 611.
Type: WWII US Battleship   Maker's Name: Gravenhurst POW
Category: Military   Made Where: Gravenhurst, Ontario
Bottle Size: 10 1/2" x 4 1/2"   Year Made: 1940 - 1945
Bottle Type: Unidentified Coffin  

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Bottle ID: 611