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Bottle 476 - Tjerimai
Date Added: 02 October 2006

The following was sent by the artist Henny Fransen. "Tjerimai is one of my older bottles (yard number 12). This model was built after a painting of Cornelis de Vries, published in the book De Klassieke Zeilschepen (ISBN 90 72977 02 5 released by Unipers bv, Amsterdam. English version Classic Sailing ships published by Webb & Bower Ltd. The painting shows Tjerimai under small sails on a high sea just after stormy weather. The model was sold to SIB-museum in Enkhuizen, Holland. Tjerimai’s history: She was built in Amsterdam in 1883 by J.F. Meursing. Displacement 1013 tons. Length over all 57,4 m. Beam 11.19 m. Draught 6, 43 m. Until 1898 she sailed for her Dutch owner. She was then sold to a Russian shipping company and disappeared from the scene. In 1913 she returned to the stage when she was bought by the famous captain Gustav Eriksson. He removed the Russian letters from her bow and gave her back the original name. It was the first ship he bought, later on followed by the Pamir, Pommern, Herzogin Cecilie and many more (40 ships in total) . In 1925 the Tjerimai sank after a collision with the Dutch steam fishing trawler Christina Catherina."
Type: Dutch Merchant Barque   Maker's Name: Fransen, Henny
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Hoorn, Holland
Bottle Size: 0.75 liter   Year Made: 1992
Bottle Type: Dimple