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Bottle 475 - The Keefer Cottage
Date Added: 01 March 2007

This is a fantastic model of a two story log cabin built inside a 1500 watt light bulb. The cabin is in natural wood and made by piecing numerous small dowels to form the walls of the cabin. The cabin has nine windows with pulled back curtains in the five downstairs windows and shades in the 4 upstairs windows. There are 3 doors each with a door knob. There is a single car garage with a carved green car inside and a red car on the outside. On the second floor there is a large flat roof with a green floor and clothes lines with laundry hung out to dry. There is a long staircase going from the second floor to the ground. The stairs have green risers, red steps, and white thread for handrails. The cabin sits on a green painted lawn and the front yard has a curved fence with two green rails and red posts. There is a curved white gate next to two large columns with white balls on top. The back yard has a table with a red and white stripped umbrella and three chairs. There is also a double sliding board set with a red and white canopy covering one end. There are two large curved columns on each side of the bulb that support a curved white piece of wood with a second piece of wood that states: "The Keefer Cottage, Tom and Bobbie Owners: on the front side and "You are welcome To our House" on the other. The whole scene is suspended near the lower part of the light bulb and approximately one inch lower is another circular floor with labels that state: " Made by R. E. Searight, 315 Norton St., Long Beach 5., California" on one side and "Size of Globe - 1500 Watt, Number of pieces - 1000, Date - July 2 1959. This floor is supported by a round wooden column the size of the bulb opening. On the front side is a picture of Robert E. Searight with a label underneath that has "Robert E. Searight, 315 Norton Street, Long Beach 5, California." The bulb is mounted in a square wooden box in natural wood. Under this box is handwritten: "Made by Robert E. Searight, 315 Norton Street, Long Beach 5, California."
Type: Cottage in Light Bulb   Maker's Name: Searight, Robert
Category: Light Bulb   Made Where: Long Beach 5, CA
Bottle Size: 12" x 6 1/2"   Year Made: 1959, July 2
Bottle Type: 1500 Watt Bulb