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Bottle 401 - Cross and Symbols
Date Added: 15 January 2006

This is a crucifixion scene built inside a bottle filled with liquid, presumably liquor. The cross stands on a cross wood base stand. The cross has the letters INRI written on a wood banner across the top. There is also a slanted footrest that is pegged to the cross near the bottom. On the right side of the cross arm are three wooden nails. On the left side of the cross arm is a wooden hammer. There is a ladder with six rungs leaning against the center of the cross. Mounted in a crisscross or "X" fashion midway on the cross is a long spear and a black sponge on a long pole. On the right side of the base is a pick axe. On the right side is a wooden shovel. On the backside of the base is a wooden pick. The is writing on the sides of the cross base pieces on the bottom. Reading around the base, the following is written in pencil "Made By, Anthony Halley, 620 Montgomery, Manchester NH, 1962." The bottle is closed with a tight cork that is flush with the top like an unopened bottle and there is embossed, "Not to be Refilled," and also, "No Deposit" then a star and then "No Return" on the side of the bottle. And there are a few numbers pressed into the bottom.
Type: Cross and Religious Symbols   Maker's Name: Halley, Anthony
Category: Religious   Made Where: Manchester, NH
Bottle Size: 7 3/4" x 2 1/2"   Year Made: 1962
Bottle Type: Unidentified