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Bottle 390 - Egyptian Galley
Date Added: 15 January 2006

This is a very detailed an accurately made model of an Egyptian sea-going ship. The ship is a whole hull model with a white bottom and a cherry color on the upper half of the hull. The bow lines come to a very shape point and the stern curves pronouncedly rising about an inch above the deck. Toward the bow and midway on the hull are light colored wide boards. Near the stern on both sides are steering paddles that are connected with a cross rod tied to each. There is a single mast with a very large cloth sail flying with sailing lines drawn on. The rigging is very detailed and well done. The ship is built with both standing and running rigging. On the deck there are six elevated planks crossing the deck where the oarsmen sat. There are additional planks laid in both the bow and stern of the ship. A long, thick rope goes through the center of the deck from the bow to the stern. There are ten carved oars with paddles orderly laid around the deck. The bottle is sealed with a cork. Inside the bottle and attached to the middle of the cork is a label extending into the bottle that reads on both sides: "'A'gyptischer Segler 3000 v.u.Z." This means Egyptian Sailing ship but the 3000 v.u.Z.'s meaning is unclear. The top of the cork is sealed with gray sealing wax imprinted with an unidentifiable shield or coat of arms. The bottle rests on and is glued to a 4 1/4" glass lid. The first Egyptian sailing ships existed around 3000 BC or even earlier. They were used on the Nile River, which was ideal for primitive sailing vessels. The wind on the Nile is usually from the north, so if they wanted to go south they just raised the sail on the double mast. And if they wanted to go north, they just lowered the sail and drifted with the river. Simple!
Type: Egyptian Galley   Maker's Name: A.S.
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Berlin, Germany
Bottle Size: 19 1/2" x 4 1/2"   Year Made: 1991
Bottle Type: Unidentified 3 liter  

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Bottle ID: 391