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Bottle 343 - Jesus and Thieves
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a scene of the crucifixion with the cross of Jesus and the two thieves. The figures on the crosses are carved in relief and in natural wood with each figure wearing a loin cloth, Jesus in gold, and the thieves in green. There are facial features drawn on the three men. The crosses are painted black and the cross of Jesus is bigger than the others and the ends of the cross are carved. Above the head of Jesus is a plaque with "INRI." The crosses are mounted on a wooden base painted gold. The base is set on a grass, moss like material. On the base is a carved rooster with real feathers in the tail. Behind the rooster is a long spear with the tip pained with blood on the end. Beside this is a long pole with a sponge on the end. On the back side is a flail with white threads. Behind that is a set of wooden pliers and a hammer on a long handle. There is a long ladder with 9 rungs. On the backside of the cross arm and behind the top of the ladder is a label with the wording "Friedrich Martin für seine Mutter Weihnachten 1891" (Friedrich Martin for his mother, Christmas 1891." This is the name of the maker and the year made. This name of the maker and year is also written in pencil on the wooden shaft sealing the bottle "F. Martin 1891." This shaft is held in the bottle with a tamper proof wooden crosspiece. Outside the bottle is a rounded wooden cap and between the cap and bottle is a brown cloth with the ends cut in a pattern all the way around.
Type: Crucifixion Scene   Maker's Name: Martin, Friedrich
Category: Religious   Made Where: Germany
Bottle Size: 8" x 2 2/3   Year Made: 1891
Bottle Type: Unidentified