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Bottle 310 - MS Mount Washington
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a model of the M/S Mount Washington built in a bottle. The ship is inserted in the bottle in 4 main sections. The main hull and most of the ship is painted white with a strip between decks, portals, windows and doors as well as the vent pipes painted black. The word "Mount Washington" is painted black on the mid section of the hull. An American flag flies from the upper deck on the stern of the ship. The bottle rests on a simple black stand with a plaque reading "M/S Mount Washington Lake Winnipesaukee" in large black letters. The bottle is sealed with a cork and a Turks head knot on the neck of the bottle. The S.S. MOUNT WASHINGTON II has undergone many physical changes over the past 57 years. The two most significant changes were the addition of twin diesel engines in 1946 and the addition of 25 feet to her length in 1982. By adding the diesel engines, the ship was re-christened with the prefix M/V which stands for motor vessel as opposed to S .S. for steamship. After a lengthening the ship 25 feet, she was given the title of M.S. (motor ship) MOUNT WASHINGTON.
Type: Cruise Ship   Maker's Name: Brown, Robert
Category: Liners   Made Where: Belmont, NH
Bottle Size: 9   Year Made: 2004
Bottle Type: Unidentified