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Bottle 300 - Patriotic Mottos
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a bottle full of tools and hand carvings done with patriotic and WWII mottos. This bottle was made by William Anderson of Faribault, Minnesota. "WILLIAM ANDERSON Born: 26 Jun 1909 Died: July 1985 Last Residence 55021 Faribault, Rice, MN SS #472-10-9906." The bottle has a hammer and mallet, buck saw, cross saw horse, pick axe, and more. Each tool and carving has a patriotic or WWII related motto. Words and Location follows: "Hon. Judge Caswell - shaft How Dry I Am - shaft God Bless America - shaft Remember Pearl Harbor - shaft My Country Tis of Thee - long mallet W.P.A. Mallet - long mallet W.P.A. Pick Ax - long pick axe God Bless America - long pick axe W.P.A. Hammer - short hammer Not Made in Germany - inside saw buck frame Not Made in Japan - outside saw buck frame In God We Trust - middle shaft Made in USA - middle shaft Liberty or Death - middle shaft W.P.A. Saw Buck - middle shaft Also contained in the bottle is a cloth strap holding the buck saw aces, and a metal saw blade with multiple colors and words. It appears to be cut from a metal can, box, or sign. Attached to the pick axe is a piece of thread going through a hole about 2/3 down the handle of the pick axe. Loose in the bottle and probably once attached to the thread is a blue cloth cut out to resemble a flower, possibly a rose. Attached to that is a piece of paper with a label attached that says "Sold by" and "Disab..." and finally "American." The bottle is sealed with a long wooden shaft extended into the bottle with a tamper proof cross piece preventing the stopper from being removed. The top of the stopper is a carve shape. All parts are in natural wood. The WPA was a depression-era agency of the federal government that gave jobs to the unemployed. It started as Works Progress Administration but was later changed to Work Projects Administration.
Type: Tools   Maker's Name: Anderson, William
Category: Tool   Made Where: Fairbault, Minn
Bottle Size: 11" x 3"   Year Made: 1941 - 1945
Bottle Type: 4/5 quart Unidentified