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Bottle 276 - Pow Religious Scene
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is an intriguing scene of Jesus hanging on the cross. Jesus is fairly crudely carved in wood with a colored loin cloth. The cross has multiple relief cuts all over it and is painted on the surface in blue with the cuts coming through in natural wood. The bottom of the cross from the feet level and below is in red. The base is made from cross sections of wood and like the cross is covered in relief cuts in the wood making interesting patterns. The bottle has many colorful items often found in bottles depicting the crucifixion. Included is a long lance, sponge on a large pole, a ladder with 10 rungs, an axe, nails, and pliers. There is also a mallet carved in a hand showing fingers and a shirt sleeve. There are two other detailed and colorful poles in the bottle. The bottle is sealed with a carved wooden stopper in an oval shape. This fascinating piece of Folk Art is signed and dated by the artist. Augusto Vignali P.O.W.118191 Sud Africa 22-11-41. The artist information is in the very base of the bottle and is seen from the bottom. It is contained in a 65 year old Scweppes bottle. The colors are vivid and carving is relatively primitive but remarkable considering the circumstances under which it was carved. Another bottle by this individual is found at ID #338.
Type: Crucifixion Scene   Maker's Name: Vignali, Augusto
Category: Religious   Made Where: South Africa
Bottle Size: 8 1/2" x 2 1/2"   Year Made: 1941, November 22
Bottle Type: Scweppes  

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Bottle ID: 338