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Bottle 1532 - Submarine and Destroyer in a Bottle
Date Added: 06 March 2023

The images represent the models of a submarine and a destroyer made in a 750 cc bottle. In addition to the various phases of construction and external finishing, the images document the technique and the various phases that I used to fix the models inside the bottle. To consider in fact that the submarine is first fixed on the "bottom" while instead for the "destroyer" I had to first fix the "hull" by keeping it immersed in the resin and only then was I able to glue the superstructures.
Type: Submarine and Destroyer in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Dallafiora, Aidano
Category: Military   Made Where: Palma, Italy
Bottle Size: 750 cc   Year Made: 2023
Bottle Type: Unidentified