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Bottle 1526 - Ship and a Zeppelin in a Bottle
Date Added: 06 December 2022

From the Artist: "Here's just another steam punk ship I've build last month. Since I still had a bottle exactly the same as the one for the fantastic eight-master, another fantasy ship in steam punk style was to go in it. This time a real "airship" with a zeppelin. Because I have never seen a zeppelin as a ship in a bottle! It was actually a lot more difficult to get it into the extremely shallow bottle than the ship because it really used EVERY millimetre."
Type: Steam Punk Ship in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Schultz, Matthias
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, Germany
Bottle Size: 0,5 litre   Year Made: 2022
Bottle Type: Liquor bottle