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Bottle 1477 - De Grote Jung in a Bottle
Date Added: 04 November 2021

DE GROTE JUNG - The four orlogships of the Bremen Town Hall in the upper town hall are heavily armed warships and were used in the 16th to 18th centuries to secure the merchant vessle convoys. The youngest of these four warships, some of which are several centuries old, is named DE GROTE JUNG (the young boy) and dates from 1779. In shape and rigging, the model represents an english or french ship of line. For the hull of the ship in a bottle very hard pear wood was used. The interior of the underwater hull had to be completely hollowed out in order to be able to balance it since the model, like its prototype, only swings under the opening of the fermentation balloon held by a long chain. The sails are made of white synthetic fiber, which was dyed for the "aging process" in a mixture of strong black tea, onion skin decoction. The hull, which was split several times, was inserted peu à peu into the vessel, where it was stuck together. During rigging, each mast had to be brought in separately, the chaos of threads had to be organized, and the rigging boards had to be inserted into the sides of the ship with the tips of the cannulas cut off.
Type: Armed Warship in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Schultz, Matthias
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, Germany
Bottle Size: 20 - 25 Litres   Year Made: 2020
Bottle Type: Fermentation Bottle