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Bottle 1462 - Rocking Chair in a Bottle
Date Added: 02 February 2021

The rocking chair is a particular type of chair, traditionally considered an invention of Benjamin Franklin, which is distinguished by the particularity of being able to "rock" (or to swing). What allows the oscillatory movement is the base, consisting of two arches that allow a fair rotation. Such a structure allows a comfortable sitting angle for the person, which can be rocked simply by pushing down with the feet and releasing periodically. The principle that the chair does not tip over is based on the fact that the center of gravity of the weight is in line with the center of the arches. This type of chair is often considered the prerogative of the elderly householder. Made of fir wood and painted in cherry color, it has been assembled inside this gin bottle and closed with its original cap.
Type: Rocking Chair in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Buzzi, Adelio
Category:   Made Where: Varese, Italy
Bottle Size: cm 20xcm 8 x cm 6   Year Made: 2019
Bottle Type: Gin