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Bottle 1420 - La Belle Pouf in a Bottle
Date Added: 27 October 2019

When the French supported the Americans in their revolution, Marie Antoinette showed her support by wearing a pouf à la Belle Poule. The intricate hairdo featured a French ship that had won a decisive victory against the British in June 1778. This amazing and delightful scene in a bottle is from that historic period in French history depicting Marie Antoinette with her famous pouf-styled hairstyle created by Leonard Autie. Inside the bottle is a replica of the famous hairstyle with a ship nestled in the hair of Marie Antoinette. The bust carving shows her beautifully carved face and her beautiful skin color and complexion. She is wearing an orange gown with delicate white lace around the edges. Around her neck is a beautiful pearl necklace and large purple gemstone and matching earrings. Her hair is beautiful curled and her golden locks are full around her head. Placed in the center of the pouf-styled hairstyle is a three masted ship nearly twice the size of her head. The ship in under full sail and flying long flowing banners. The hull is ornately featured with gems. The bottle is sealed with a title La Belle Pouf Leonard Autie.
Type: Marie Antoinette Pouf in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Aubry, Gerard
Category: Figures   Made Where: France
Bottle Size: 21 cm x 12 cm   Year Made: 2019
Bottle Type: Pink Glass Jug