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Bottle - History of Seafaring in a Bottle
Date Added: 08 February 2019

The largest impossible bottle according the the 2009 "Guiness World Records" was built by Aidano Dallafiora of Parma, Italy. Called the History of Seafaring, it has a volume of 60 litres and contains 10 ships. It was measured on 24 August 2009. The bottle is 63 cm high and 49 cm in diametre. The ship models consist of a total of 158 pieces. The Ships included: 1. Papyrus boat Egypt 3500 a. C., propelled with paddles and guided by a double rudder oar. 2. Greek trireme 6th century a. C., the rowers impressed speed and thrust on the rostrum, the sunken bridge in the center he protected the soldiers. 3. Roman merchant 2nd century AD C., propelled only with sails, equipped with cabins and comfort. (not pictured) 4. Hanseatic nock northern Europe 13th century, note the aft rudder and the trimmer straight, the stern and bow castles. 5. Spanish caracca "Santa Maria1492", with three trees, armed with cannons. 6. La Reale, the French galley of the late 600s, a flagship ship with considerable wealth, with seven convicts at every oar. 7. English frigate Victory 1765, Nelson's flagship, the submerged part is covered in copper. 8. Great Eastern, English 1858 steamship with only mixed propulsion: sail, propeller and wheel. 9. Queen Mary Scotland 1934, with its 311 m. for a long time the largest ship was long, during the Second World War it was used as a troop transport. 10. Savannah USA 1959 was the first nuclear powered merchant, the name is that of the first steamship that crossed the Atlantic.
Type: History of Seafaring in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Dallafiora, Aidano
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Parma, Italy
Bottle Size: 63 cm x 49 cm   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: Unidentified