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Bottle - Leonore Johanna in a Bottle
Date Added: 22 August 2018

In 1920 this cutter with transom stern was built to catch fresh fish. After ten years the ship was sold to the Büsum fisherman Hermann J.H. von Döhren, but it kept its original name LEONORE JOHANNA, but from then on it was used as a crab cutter under the number BÜS 95. LEONORE JOHANNA remained in the possession of the Döhren family until 1972, was subsequently sold and grounded in Büsum in 1981. In 2000, the municipality of Büsum bought the hull and had it prepared for the "Museum am Meer". The model shows the cutter in its condition before the Second World War, the name and decoration on the transom stern are taken from models to be dated to 1957. As a special feature, the cutter is shown during the use of the fishing gear, so in addition to the underwater ship, the nets at the bottom of the sea should also be visible, which consists of a mixture of putty and gypsum sprinkled with sand. In the middle of the bottle a "double bottom" was placed in to represent the water surface. It consists of six narrow strips of plywood, which were stuck into each other in the bottle and modelled with a layer of plaster as well as paint and a coating of acrylic gel. The hull itself is divided into four parts, the rig was placed separately in the bottle, jibs, mainsails and mizzen sails are set. The small crab cooker consists of a cartridge case. As a special highlight, the two children's book characters "Hein Blöd" and "Captain Blaubär", both well-known in Germany, were left on deck instead of a normal crew; a Turkish waistband closes the bottle like a turban.
Type: Crab Cutter in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Schultz, Matthias
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Stuttgart, Germany
Bottle Size: 2,7 liter   Year Made: 2018
Bottle Type: Demijohn  

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Matthias Schultz, Artist

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