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Bottle - Wood Primate in a Bottle
Date Added: 09 August 2018

This is an articulated wood carved 'primate'. It was assembled from 3/8 " thick pieces of wood with the widest piece being 1 1/2". There are 3 pieces glued edge to edge to form the body with 2 pieces to form the face and belly. There are 12 individual pieces forming the arms, legs, feet and hands. All pieces are connected by 12 individual wood pegs and 24 wire keepers to keep them in place. The Artist name and date made are carved into the back of the torso.
Type: Articulated Carved Primate in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Brown, Keith
Category: Figures   Made Where: Covina, Ca
Bottle Size: 8" x 4"   Year Made: 2018
Bottle Type: 8" x 4"