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Bottle - Bremer Eiswette in a Bottle
Date Added: 22 January 2018

Since 1828, the "Eiswette" (ice bet) has been held in Bremen, the birthplace of Matthias Schultz: A round of gentlemen bets on whether or not the river Weser is frozen up on 6 January, the day of the Three Magi. The "rehearsal" will then be held at 12 noon at the Weser dike when man in historical costumes appear. In addition to the three kings, the most important participants of the ceremony are the "notarius publicus", as well as the "medicus publicus" as judges with long white wigs, the president, the presidium of the and the novices of the society of the "Eiswette" all clothed in black coats and cylinders, or melons. In the jubilee year 1928, the custom of sending a "tailor" weighing exactly 99 pounds with a hot iron over the Weser was born. However, as the river has never been frozen over in the last few decades, the daughter boat of a rescue cruiser picks him up. Matthias Schultz bought the original bottle of liquor from the 2013 ice bet for the performance. It holds 3 liters and is stored on the one side on reduced replicas of the bag scale on which the tailor is weighed, and on the other side on the iron which he has to carry with him. In the bottle you can see the dike section in the background, where the spectacle is performed. It is made of polystyrene and paper. The rescue cruiser "Hermann Rudolf Meyer" and his daughter boat "Christian" are made of wood and plastic. The larger ship was divided into five parts to fit through the bottleneck. The water of the river consists of a mixture of window putty and plaster, dyed with oil paint. As a clou, the tailor in green skirt and cylinder on the small daughter boat has the bottle next to him, which now represents the container of this scene.
Type: Rescue Cruiser in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Schultz, Matthias
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Stuttgart, Germany
Bottle Size: 3 liter   Year Made: 2017
Bottle Type: Liquor Bottle