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Bottle 1232 - Albert Schweitzer Scenes in a Bottle
Date Added: 18 March 2016

Albert Schweitzer Kaysersberg (Alsace) in Lambaréné (Gabon). Water fountain of life of Alsace, height 62 cm, diameter balls: 11 cm. Contained pear brandy, raspberry and Plum (purple plum). The Upper floor (Cru "Pinot Gris" Castle Kaysersberg, in the East with the Alsace plain and the vineyard Riesling Schlossberg believed (Schlossberg = "castle mountain" in German), and the first in the West hillside forests of the Vosges. The Middle floor (Grand Cru Riesling): Albert Schweitzer plays the "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach on the organ pedal piano. The Lower floor (Cru Gewurztraminer): African girl in canoe on the Ogooué river, Lambaréné. With the pelican, Doctor, and hippos.
Type: Three Bulb Bottle with Albert Schweitzer Scenes   Maker's Name: Aubry, Gerard
Category: Figures   Made Where: France
Bottle Size: 62cm, each bulb 11cm   Year Made: 2015
Bottle Type: Pear Brandy