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Bottle 1231 - Fishing Hole in a Bottle
Date Added: 23 May 2016

This is a diorama depicting a lazy summer's day with two people at "the Fishing Hole." The scene has a young boy sitting on an old upside-down orange crate reading a book. He is barefoot and is wearing a yellow shirt, light brown pants and a blue ball cap. The book he is reading has a Norman Rockwell painting on one page and "Made by Greg N. Alvey, Owensboro, Kentucky 2016" on the other page. Beside the crate is a tin can with worms. A long cane pole is stretched out over the pond with a bobber in the water. There is a rabbit behind the orange crate. He sits under a large tree. There are two squirrels in the tree and a robin by her nest with three blue eggs. A woodpecker is busy on the backside of the tree. Carved in the tree is a heart with "G.A. + P.S." carved inside the heat. The initials stand for Greg Alvey, the artist, and his wife's initials before they were married. There is a slight rise on the other side of the tree with a small box turtle climbing up the hill. A young girl with blond hair, light blue top, and purple shorts is laying on her stomach on the rise with her dirty feet raised in the air. She is holding a stick and is playing with her frisky light brown dog in his blue collar. There are two patches of cattails with a dragonfly lit on the top of one of the cattails. Around the cattails are lily pads with white and yellow flowers. A water snake swims across the lily pads on one end and there is a large and a small frog perched on the lily pads on the other side. The bottle is sealed with a custom wooden stopper tapered to the shape of the bottle's neck. The stopper is hallowed out and inside the stopper a raccoon is poking his head out. Under the pond is written "The Fishing Hole, made in 2016 by Gregory N. Alvey, Owensboro, Kentucky. The bottle rests on a wooden stand.
Type: Diorama of Summer Scene in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Alvey, Greg
Category: Figures   Made Where: Owensboro, Kentucky
Bottle Size: 14" x 7"   Year Made: 2016
Bottle Type: Decorative Bottle