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Bottle 1191 - New York Merchant Ship in Bottle
Date Added: 23 June 2015

Built in New York by Christian Bergh in 1804, this small American ocean trader represents the typical ship opening new markets to the young country’s mercantile ambitions. This is the sort of vessel very much in the center of the conflict of the War of 1812, so this is my own contribution to celebrating the bicentennial. A surprising amount of detail about the ship survives but sadly, not her name. The model was an opportunity to take advantage of the natural finish of a number of woods. Her topsides are planked with box and her deck planked with a gray holly that suitably resembles weathered planking. The sheer plank, cap rail and railing are made of a beautiful creamy holly and her wales, stem, stern and much of her deck furniture and trim are ebony. A little dark pear wood worked well for a sky light, and I am indebted to Keith Eggers for the inspiration to make her double wheel from boxwood. This model won the Silver Medal in the Master’s Division in the 2013 USS Constitution Museum Guild Exhibit.
Type: New York Merchant Ship in Bottle   Maker's Name: Bellinger, Alex
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Newburyport, Massachusetts
Bottle Size: 5 Liter   Year Made: 2012
Bottle Type: Unknown  

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Alex Bellinger, Artist