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Bottle 1180 - Alerion 26 in a Bottle
Date Added: 07 March 2015

"This simple model is based on sloop designs by Nathanial Herreschoff from around 1912 . The model is built with an aspen hull and mahogany bulwarks, deck and trim. The sea is made of air hardening clay and the sails are made of cotton rag paper. My wife works as a nursery school teacher and came home one day with this little apple juice bottle. After living with me for 35 years she knows what size and shape bottle will fit my needs. Go figure!" Bill Sheridan
Type: Herreschoff Sloop in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Sheridan, Bill
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Southington, Connecticut
Bottle Size: 1.0 liter (1 quart)   Year Made: 2015
Bottle Type: Apple Juice Bottle