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Bottle 1179 - Terry Campion in a Bottle
Date Added: 07 March 2015

"This model is based on topsail schooners built in the Baltimore area during the 1840's. Other ships with a similar rigging type include "Pride of Baltimore" and "Amistad". Terry Campion was made specially for a friend of mine as a birthday gift. The model is built with an aspen hull and mahogany bulwarks, deck and trim. The sea is made of air hardening clay and the sails are made of cotton rag paper. All the little stones and rock work came from my front blue stone walkway when they chipped off from excessive snow blower activity in the winter of 2015. The ship is entering the harbor, passing a lighthouse, and following the navigation rules of the road (Red-Right-Return) leaving the red nun #2 to starboard and the green can #3 to port. I found the bottle in an antique store and paid about $50 for it, The bottle is an apothecary style with a ground glass stopper. The glass is very thick and irregular with lots of air bubbles and pitting. The blurriness in the photos is due to the very old quality of the glass. The bottle was manufactured between 1890 and 1910. One of my favorite aspects of this hobby is finding an old surviving bottle like this one and giving it new life and a reason for folks to admire it." Bill Sheridan
Type: Topsail Schooner in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Sheridan, Bill
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Southington, Connecticut
Bottle Size: 1.2 liter (5 pints)   Year Made: 2015
Bottle Type: Antique Apothecary