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Bottle 1145 - Crucifixion in a Bottle
Date Added: 20 July 2014

This crucifixion scene was built by Gérard Breillat as a present for the grandmother of his son-in-law. They live in Portugal, near the city of Fatima. The basic materials are samba wood, bone and metal. The base is colorfully painted in red, yellow, green and white paints. There are three dice made from bone on the front of the base. The cross is red with a metal "INRI" sign above the head of Jesus. There is a colorful rooster on top of the cross. There is a flail, spear, sponge and ladder attached to the base. The figure of Jesus with a crown of thorns on His head is nicely carved in bone. The is a picture from a holy card behind the cross. Under the base are the following inscriptions: "Gérard Breillat, Leusaint, France, juillet 2014."
Type: Crucifixion in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Breillat, Gerard
Category: Religious   Made Where: France
Bottle Size: 16 cm x 8 cm   Year Made: 2014, July
Bottle Type: Unidentified 500 ml  

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