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Bottle 1137 - USS Farragut in a bottle
Date Added: 15 May 2014

Artist comments: The USS Farragut SIB took 5 weeks to complete. I made the cardinal sin of starting the model before I selected a bottle which caused considerable frustration. I finally purchased a vintage apothecary bottle online. The model USS Farragut (DLG-6) is 8 inches long and fits the bottle quite nicely. I was nervous about making the "sea", so I decided to make a full hull model and mount it on a pedestal base, which I am happy with. The mouth of the bottle is 1 1/8" and I put the whole thing in in 8 individual pieces. The bottle has a Turk's Head knot and a wax seal is stamped with a button from my "ancient" pea-coat. I made no plans or drawings of this project, and consequently several components had to be made more than once before I got it right.
Type: USS Farragut in a bottle   Maker's Name: Paulson, David
Category: Military   Made Where: Bayport, Minnesota
Bottle Size: 11 1/2" x 3"   Year Made:
Bottle Type: Apothecary bottle  

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David Paulson, Artist