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Bottle 1132 - The Bird Cage in a Bottle
Date Added: 03 July 2014

Called "The Bird Cage", this whimsy in a bottle creates the idea of a bird cage in a bottle with numerous birds positioned around the bottle. The challenges were many. First, the neck is very long at 8.5 inches; and second, the diameter of the opening is a very narrow size of only 9/16 inches. It was very difficult finding a way to reach the outer edges of the bottle and create a scene that would reasonably fill the bottle and be a scene that would hold with interest and charm. Overall height: 15 inches, Length of neck: 8.5 inches, Neck opening: 9/16 inches, Diameter of base: 4.5 inches, Height of base: 6.5 inches, Length of stopper: 10 inches. The bottom of the base has the makes names and location: "Greg Alvey, Owensboro, KY," and the title and date: "Bird Cage, April, 2014." Glass beads are strung between each arm of the base. It contains 7 birds: 4 on pedestals positioned on each end of the four-armed base, and one bird inside the cage, and one on a crosspiece on top of the bird cage with a nest and three eggs, and a final one on top of the outside of the bottle. A Tagua nut, sometimes referred to as "vegetable ivory" was used to cover the opening and provide a base for a Wren also carved from a Tagua nut positioned on top. The bird’s nest made from various colored and sizes of threads. It contains three eggs made from Sculpy.
Type: Birds and Bird Cage in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Alvey, Greg
Category: Figures   Made Where: Owensboro, KY
Bottle Size: 15" x 4 1/5"   Year Made: 2014, April
Bottle Type: Unknown Decorative